Ralph de Lange knows how to inspire. He communicates and works with his students in an innovative way. Through conversations and images, insight is made into where the artist stands. His way of working is a composition of great passion, competence, and involvement. Every time the workshop is a joy. Coby van Buuren.

Ralph observes exceptionally sharply, is honest and knowledgeable. He intuitively sees what you conceal consciously or unconsciously. Because Ralph asks a lot of questions and does not settle for the easy answers, it gradually comes to the surface what it really is about. That is a process, not a panacea, it requires commitment from both sides and the willingness to search, and to search. That is why it is valuable; Ralph's workshop delivers new insights that do not just come around, but are acquired, and therefore become part of who you are and what you stand for as an artist. Willy Van der Beek

Through art contemplative conversations about my own work, I get a better picture of the reason why I make art, what it is about. I discover which artists inspire me and where I stand as an artist. By asking confronting questions, it becomes clear what I am doing and I can always make better choices that bring my own work to a higher level. Annemiek Kuhne

Ralph de Lange is an art teacher who first asks and then tells. After he knew where my interests were, he encouraged me to develop his own style. He brought a focus to my work. Before that I did everything and I copied other art styles. Before I met him, I was afraid to experiment. After he said '' it is only painted, that you have to lose '' I dared to let go of everything and I discovered a style and concept that was hidden in me. Leonard Linden

Ralph has a lot of knowledge about art, great knowledge, and diversity of art lines. He is bold and humorous. The question is always focused on the essence of your work. The experience as a teacher is clearly noticeable. Art is discussed in clear language. Agnes Groot Koerkamp